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Anesco Interventional Pain Institute

Interventional Pain Services

Interventional pain medicine is a subspecialty of anesthesiology that is devoted to addressing pain caused by illness or injury. The pain specialists at Anesco Interventional Pain Institute in Margate and Fort Lauderdale have training and experience with interventional pain services that exceeds many doctors in Broward County, Florida. All services are completely customized based on your personal goals for recovery.

Our services are designed to:

  • Determine the cause of your pain
  • Reduce or eliminate your pain WITHOUT pain pills
  • Support the body’s natural healing power
  • Incorporate gentle activity to improve function (once pain is under control)
  • Emphasize the importance of self-care to manage chronic pain
  • Comply with Florida laws to ensure safe treatment including drug testing

We specialize in:

We offer non-surgical and surgical treatment options, including:

At Anesco Interventional Pain Institute, we will work with your primary care physician to help you achieve your goals for recovery. You don’t have to live with the pain! Take advantage of the services available at Anesco.

Dial (954) 580-8838 for an appointment with one of our interventional pain medicine specialists in Fort Lauderdale or Margate, Florida or request an appointment online.

What Is Interventional Pain Medicine?

Interventional pain medicine is a relatively new but growing field that utilizes a variety of procedures such as injections, nerve blocks, and physical therapy to treat painful disorders and injuries. Interventional pain physicians are board-certified anesthesiologists with subspecialty training in pain medicine.

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