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Cancer Pain Management

Cancer pain affects approximately 1 in 3 people who are receiving chemotherapy or other treatments. The pain might be dull and achy or sharp and throbbing. Fortunately, you can find relief from cancer pain with interventional pain medicine.

In Broward County, Florida, Anesco Interventional Pain Institute specializes in managing cancer pain without the use of pain pills. We are located in Margate and Fort Lauderdale.

What Causes Cancer Pain?

Cancer-related pain is typically caused by cancer treatments like chemotherapy or surgery. Pain may also be caused by the presence of a tumor that pushes against the spinal cord (spinal cord compression), pinches a nerve, or puts pressure on a bone or organ.

Why Should I Try Interventional Pain Medicine?

Interventional pain procedures can provide rapid relief for cancer pain that lasts for weeks or months. Common treatments for cancer pain include therapeutic injections, selective nerve blocks, and neurostimulation.

Therapeutic Injections

An injection of anesthetic and anti-inflammatory medication provides rapid relief from joint pain as well as spinal pain. Once the anesthetic wears off, the anti-inflammatory medication lasts for several weeks, months, or longer for some patients.

Selective Nerve Blocks

By blocking nerve signals at the site of your pain, we can essentially numb the area. Nerve blocks can be used as a diagnostic tool to pinpoint the source of pain while providing immediate relief without surgery. Most people get relief for weeks or months.


For cancer pain, the two most common types of neurostimulation are intradiscal electrothermal therapy (IDET) and spinal cord stimulation (SCS). IDET is a non-surgical procedure that uses heat to treat pain caused by a spinal disc. SCS is a minimally invasive procedure that uses electricity to treat pain in the trunk or limbs.

What to Expect

We’ll start by learning everything there is to know about your pain, including the location, frequency, and severity of your pain. Everyone has a different tolerance for pain, so we use a highly individualized approach to get it under control so you can be comfortable. Cancer is hard enough, and no one should have to live with unnecessary pain.

When your pain is under control, you have more energy to do the things you want to do. It would be our pleasure to help you feel your best as you battle cancer. Contact Anesco Interventional Pain Institute for an appointment today. Call (954) 580-8838 or request an appointment online.

What Is Interventional Pain Medicine?

Interventional pain medicine is a relatively new but growing field that utilizes a variety of procedures such as injections, nerve blocks, and physical therapy to treat painful disorders and injuries. Interventional pain physicians are board-certified anesthesiologists with subspecialty training in pain medicine.

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